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Marian Tortorella, Astrologer to Woodstock Astrology Suite, is a widely recognized and very gifted Psychic Astrologer. She has read thousands of Astrological Horoscopes over the last 35 years with amazing accuracy. Her clients have repeatedly called upon her for advice over decades because of her genuine sensitivity, spiritual knowledge and skillful use and understanding of how Astrology works. She has studied many of the esoteric realms of existence, and practiced with a keen mystical understanding of our Heavenly Universe. With her professional skill she has managed to merge all of her spiritual knowledge into ONE, with Astrology as it’s pivotal point for her counsel. She works to bring you into the realm of your highest potential in God’s vast universe, to become one with it, and fulfill your purpose, no matter how long or hard it is to achieve. She seeks to find and bring out that pearl hidden deep beneath the well of your being.

Marian Tortorella was born from a second generation Italian Immigrant family in Brooklyn NY, where she was raised. Her childhood was difficult through tragic circumstances and she has always contended with frail health. This led her to a deeper faith in God’s help. As a result she has become a mystic and a seeker of Truth within our Divine Universe.

Marian needed to support herself from the age of nineteen and had a job she loved as a Full Charge bookkeeper in a Commercial Art Studio for Advertising, Midtown Manhattan during the Seventies. If her books did not balance she counted on her psychic intuition to locate the missing amount. Her books were always balanced to the penny!

As a child she was always curious about psychic phenomena and while watching baseball games on television she enjoyed making a secret game out of predicting who was going to hit a home run, walk, or strike out. She discovered early on about psychic intuition but kept it a secret.

Marian depended heavily on her spiritual Catholic upbringing. She found solace in Praying the Rosary, Novenas and conversations with God. These were all helpful during the hard times growing up. Religion posed a major problem for her when she began to take Astrology seriously. When confessing to a priest her interest in Astrology, he simply asked, “who do you worship first, the Stars or God?” Marian’s reply was, “God of course. God is the creator of the Stars.” The priest then told her with a smile in his voice, “there is no problem with your interest in Astrology knowing God is first as the Creator.

During her teens, she often got away in private to seek the advice of Palm readers, Gypsies, and Native American advisers to understand her troubled childhood. There were lots of Gypsies in Brooklyn. What she found was some were just plain phony and then there was the rare lady she remembers, a Native American woman, who had the the Spiritual Intuitive Gift, and really cared. Marian soon began to study Palmistry on her own and Tarot Card Reading by the time she was seventeen. She also began to dabble with Astrology.

While still working at The New Studio, in Manhattan,she began a serious study of Astrology after a reading with Peter LeGuillou, who was very accurate and attended a metaphysical study group in Park Slope, where she met Peter and other interested Metaphysicians. Peter was a teacher at the New York Astrology Center, although Marian chose to study privately. She learned the mathematical log rhythms to calculate a horoscope and within a year could calculate a chart for someone anywhere in the world by hand. There were no computers then. After winding up in the hospital for a month in traction for a chronic neck and back condition and being told by her doctor not to work any longer full time as a bookkeeper or lose the use of her right hand, she left the corporate glamour world of Commercial Art and Advertising.

In 1976 Marian began to study more advanced Astrology with a small group of 5 or 6 under Berton Sharp, an astrologer in Park Slope, Brooklyn where she resided at the time. Berton had been a student of the famous author and Master Astrologer, Dane Rudhyar. Within one month of studies with Berton, she was told by him that she was going to be a professional astrologer. And he was right.

At age 27, she was writing a Dear Marian Astrology column, Stargazer, in a local paper called ‘UP THE SLOPE’. (Go to 'Articles' on home page to view newspaper clippings of her old column.) It was during this time period she met with and enjoyed afternoon tea, conversations, and talking shop with Astrological Park Slope colleagues, now authors, Claudia Bader, and Donna Cunningham, who were instrumental in her inspirational and Astrological development. Marian was well on her way at that time to becoming the fine and gifted Astrologer that she is today, counseling a wide variety of repeat clients, many who have developed successful careers in the arts, finance, medicine, psychology, and education, or have found their mate and settled down to have families.

Marian has been acknowledged in the publication of Mary Orser and Richard Zarro’s book, "Changing your Destiny", published by Harper & Row, for her Astrological expertise on the attributes of the signs and planets used for the publication. She has appeared on numerous Cable television shows in NY with regard to her knowledge of Astrology, and was filmed by VH1 backstage at the 25th Anniversary of Michael Lang’s Woodstock '94 Festival intderpreting the charts of Jimi Hendrix, Janis Joplin, and Bob Dylan for the 24-hour Global Television Simulcast behind the scenes in Saugerties NY.

In 1979 Marian began a spiritual pen pal relationship with Cat Stevens, who now goes by the name of Yusuf. She sent him some of her poetry and song writing. (go to 'Music' on Woodstock Astrology Suite Homepage) Some time later, she met Yusuf and his wife Fauzia in England. Yusuf presented Marian with a book on Rumi. This opened a whole new world to her practice since she discovered the Sufis and their deep involvement with Astrology. She then went by the name of Fatima. Sufism further enriched her knowledge in Astrology on a much more Spiritual level and Fatima/Marian was soon initiated into the Nimatullahi Order of Sufism by Sufi Master Javad Nurbakhsh while visiting northern California. She found Astrological passages in so many of the 10th , 11th and 12th Century Mystic Sufi Poetry. (See Rumi’s poem on Homepage) The open door to Persian poetry and mysticism further increased Marian’s understanding of Astrology to a much deeper spiritual level and she began to investigate the History and use of Astrology among many Ancient cultures.

Besides practicing Sufism for decades, she has attended seminars and workshops for all sorts of spiritual and esoteric practices, among them… Tibetan Buddhism, Native American studies, Shamanism, Yoga, Kria Yoga, Aromatherapy, Healing with Gem Stones and Crystals, I Ching, Tarot, Rune Stones, Dream Interpretation, Past Life Regression, and Meditiation, and has managed to merge them all together. She uses and recommends some of these techniques if she feels they will be of help to the client.

In 1995, Marian discovered she had Breast cancer through the use of her Astrological Chart. (Go to 'Articles' - "How Astrology Saved My Life"). Marian has donated and done readings for many Benefits and functions to raise money for certain causes. A Breast Cancer survivor three times, with five related surgeries since 1995 to present, Marian gives donated readings to select Breast Cancer patients to help pick the right astrological day and hour of surgery based on the study of Hippocrates, who combined Astrology and Medicine. Being well versed in Medical Astrology, still, she always recommends that a patient should be screened, tested and treated by a skilled Medical Specialist.

Over the years, Marian has tutored and taught Astrology. She is currently writing a column for a new Magazine called WHAT?, and is currently working on an Astrology book of her own. She will be giving Mini Readings to tourists by donation in Woodstock NY this summer of 2009, next to Walkabout boutique. She has given countless readings by donation during the summer months out doors. She enjoys the social aspect of getting to meet and talk freely hoping to help those in need or just for entertainment. She has entertained as a Psychic Astrologer for Large Corporate and Private Parties. Marian also worked as an Astrologer for some of the top 900 number psychic telephone lines between 1990 through 1995, but left because too many unprofessionally trained and inexperienced psychics were hired, giving the business a bad name.

Many people in the United States, Europe and Canada contact Marian over the phone for their consultations, some of whom she has never met face to face. She’s read the Horoscopes of some very famous Actors, Actresses, Artists, Photographers, Musicians, being a musician herself – (see 'Music' on the Homepage), and Writers, among them the late Jess Stearn, author of The Sleeping Prophet and Yoga, Youth and Reincarnation. Once introducing Marian to a neighbor of his in Malibu California he said, “Marian is the best Astrologer in the World”. Marian’s reply was, "Jess, that’s a pretty tall order!" She may not be the "fairest of them all", but certainly fills the bill to being “one of the best in the world”.

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