Quarterly Forecast Virgo

August 24 - September 23
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Are you still trying to find your place this fall like those winds of change blowing madly through the rustling leaves? Virgo’s born between 9/15 –9/22 feel the need for more rest as Saturn remains in Virgo until 11/29. The responsibilities you have taken on in the past will eventually bring rewards. Uranus also opposes the later part of Virgo, bringing about sudden change in all aspects of life. What was not intended to remain solid in your life will leave. Whether permanent or temporary the change will turn out for the better. Family and friends may not recognize who you are anymore, as you seem more detached. Watch some good comedy now and it’s a good time to keep a chiropractor, dentist or physician on hand. Early Virgos find positive transformations taking place on all levels this season with Pluto’s trine. New job opportunities are on the horizon or you may find yourself with a promotion and more benefits. Always, as you find ways to be perfect, learn to laugh at others’ imperfections.

Spring '09

Has someone put the brakes on? In order to move forward you must first let go of something from your past. Your work situation may not be right for you now. For Virgo’s born Sept 6-12th, patience is the way to success. Saturn is smack on your Sun and takes 28 years to come again. Time to make serious decisions that affect you and your loved ones for a very long time. Getting lots of extra shut eye, a dental exam or chiropractor may come in handy. Those born from the 23rd- 27th of August have the most success this spring. Obstacles have past. Your goals are right on target and ready to conquer the world with Pluto on your side. If you have children, they are most inspirational and a new one may be on the way. As Uranus opposes those born from the 14th- 20th of Sept, it’s hard to relax. Meditation, Tai Chi and Yoga can be your best friend now. One thing is for certain… all things must change.

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