Quarterly Forecast Taurus

April 21 - May 21
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Trees may have changed color and lost foliage but Taurus remains steady as the Bull, to which he symbolizes, even as the winds blow. Career is going well for those born 5/14- 5/20. Peers admire your ability as new career and opportunities manifest. For some born 5/12 15th, are you wondering why the confusion? Neptune still squares, so make sure you get communications right and plenty of solid sleep. Avoid anything in excess. Your ruler Venus was trine favorably 9/21 10/14, making you more social and available for romance, music and art. Singing or joining a vocal group brings joy. Early Taurus natives reap the benefits of Pluto in Capricorn, paving the way for positive growth and success. Some enjoy new additions to the family and a location change. You enjoyed the natural flow of peaceful, colorful transformations spiraling all around and look forward to a Happy Holiday season!

Spring '09

Opportunity is on every corner as Saturn trines your sign all year, and the security you need is there. Career advances are # 1 on your list so take advantage of opportunities and be ready. While Pluto trines favorably from another angle, those born April 20 24 reap the benefits of increased will power, and positive transformation. Insurance matters and investments bode well if done cautiously, while spiritual studies and meditation bring about positive results. Neptune and Jupiter square for some, and overindulgence can spoil your progress. Time to cut back on those sweets, especially before sleep if you want a good nights rest. Plant the seeds of life so your foundation, whatever it may be, brings rewards of good karma.

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