Quarterly Forecast Scorpio

October 24 - November 22
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Are you wondering where all of your energy is coming from? For Scorpios born 11/13th – 11/17th, Mars your planetary ruler was favorable to your Sun all of September thru mid October along with the exciting planet Uranus all year. It’s hard to slow down now as you meet very interesting social circles and are getting more done this fall than you can have ever imagined. Tai Chi, Yoga and a new sense of freedom can fill your days along with the new change of crisp fall air and fallen leaves. Take advantage of any free time on your hands now. Unexpected love can be expected and those coupled may be surprised with a new baby on the way. Moderation is best for Scorpios born between the 9th and 11th, as Jupiter opposes from 9/12th – 11/20th. Don’t worry about Neptune’s wave of confusion. Just focus, look, and you will see the answer was always there all along.

Spring '09

Are you ready for a new and exciting life? Move to a new home? There is nothing standing in your way for positive change this spring. Especially those born between the 15t – 20th of Nov. as Uranus trines your Sun. New and unusual friends as well as opportunities arise. Metaphysical studies are right in line. Use caution though not to believe all you see and hear as Neptune and Jupiter square. Excessiveness and exaggeration should be avoided. Make sure that new job position is secure before you leave the one that holds fast and true. A Neptune square can fool one's imagination although creativity soars. All Scorpios have their hands tied with tons of paper work, local travel and balancing the budget as Mercury opposes you. This should clear up after June 14th when Mercury stations after retrograding and moves into Gemini. Saturn and Pluto both are on your side bringing about a secure and transforming effect. Times are changing so go with the flow as opportunity leads the way towards your success. Keep you glasses on straight and you won’t miss your mark.

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