Quarterly Forecast Pisces

February 20 - March 20
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Trees became barren and colder air sets in as you leave your past behind and move forward. Saturn is no longer opposite your sign as of 10/29, so even though daylight is becoming scarce, for you Pisces, the sun is beginning to shine. Itís time to gain back your confidence and take chances. Mars was favorable through September until 10/16th increasing energy. If you are born the 11th Ė 15th use that electric energy stored up for something entirely different. You are no longer the same person you used to be with Uranus smack on your Sun. Your interests in technology increase and so does your intuition. The Internet, video, design and electronics can provide new career avenues. Let acupuncture or homeopathy be included in health matters, if traditional medicine isnít up to par 100%. For Pisces born 2/19th Ė 2/23rd, a new surge of power begins to emerge 9/15th Ė 12/31. Meditate on pure glistening rays of the sun over freshly fallen snow and let your vision crystallize as the answers become crystal clear.

Spring '09

Spring starts with Mercury transiting your sign. Are you tired of those lengthy business telephone calls, emails and paperwork? You may want to take a small trip just to get away from it all. Those born between the 9th and 18th of February may need to re think some of your future plans. Itís time for a change and rid yourself of old baggage. That quiet compassionate side of Pisces can come in handy if you can only relax. Sometimes itís best to meditate on a problem rather than trying to wake up a sleeping bear. April is full of surprises as Uranus and Mars conjoin in your sign and Saturn opposes. Watch your speedometer and stay ithin the limits of the law. Avoid clashes with authority at this time. Your dental, chiropractic, accounting, insurances and taxes all need attention. Donít worry, seasons change and the planets will move on to a better climate. Let the healing sound of a trickling stream calm the spirit.

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