Quarterly Forecast Libra

September 24 - October 23
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Color has been all around you this fall with Venus entering your sign 10/15 – 11/7. Were you smiling a lot? Jovial Jupiter has been bringing you loads of luck well into winter if born 10/9 – 10/18. If born the 9th –11th there was an added bonus waiting for Libras. Happy birthday! Keep yourself active with all forms of creativity. Music, dance and romance are all in the mix. Dreams come true as the mystical and spiritual side of your persona has begun to expand. You may find yourself vacationing at a Yoga Retreat or deeply interested Eastern Philosophies. For Libran’s born between the 23rd and 27th, you may face major challenges as Pluto squares and Saturn enters Libra on 10/30th. These challenges will all depend on your past decisions and business choices. Taxes, insurance, finance, relationships, and health will need an overhaul. It’s better to give in than to lose in a battle of wills not worth fighting for.

Spring '09

Fortune smiled upon you as Jupiter began to trine your Sun Sign since the beginning of this year and continues! Looking for romance? New child on the way? Your charm is delightful and doesn’t slip by unnoticed. Travel, education, religion, law and publishing are a plus as finances hold steady and even increase. Libran’s born between Sept. 23rd and 27th have a more difficult time of it though with Pluto’s square. Learn to transform and shed old skin if tattered and worn. It takes time for broken hearts to heal or just get back to the way things were but they eventually will once you realize it’s OK to let go of ego. Power struggles never win. If born around Oct. 16th – 20th, Neptune is forming a trine to your Sun sign. Dreams manifest and your creativity sours. Your imagination is peaking. Have you wanted to learn Photoshop, an instrument or web design? Do it this spring. That marriage you’ve waited for can happen. Dance till dawn and be that shining morning star that you are. Dreams do come true.

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