Quarterly Forecast Leo

July 24 - August 23
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Just about everyone gets a chance to hear your Lionís roar as Mars transits Leo from now until late next Spring. You will have multiple bursts of energy and want to burn it off by taking on a heavier than usual work load. You may have joined a dance class or theatre group, or went on long hikes enjoying the fall foliage with loved ones. Leoís born 8/15 Ė 8/18 will get a reality check as Neptune opposes your sign. Are you feeling like things are not quite as they seem? Itís time to get past the illusions and get plenty of restful sleep. Avoid late night snacks and donít overextend your credit during the holidays. Enjoying scenery close to home may be a wiser choice! Early Leoís born 8/23-8/28 feel much more connected to their careers, 11/1 Ė 12/31, while some enjoy romance and contacts with memorable friends and relatives. Let the Sun shine in and give generously your golden gift of Light.

Spring '09

You may have what it takes to win many a popularity prize when spring equinox arrives on March 20th. As Venus and Sun favor you the first few weeks of April, get out and socialize. Sing songs of love and romance because for some you canít avoid it when Mars and Venus join together in May. A good time buy new clothes, have hair styled and feel as beautiful as you look. Leos born August 10th-20th Jupiter opposes, and you may be tempted to go into excess over anything. Keep a lid on. Neptune also opposes those born between the 18th and 20th of Aug. creating illusion and fantasy. Donít let your imagination take over and remember that only one half of the truth might as well be no truth at all. Eventually it all becomes clear, and the flowers will bloom with the sunís rays. Get your camera ready.

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