Quarterly Forecast Cancer

June 22 - July 23
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter '09

Did your emotions get a little out of hand? Mars was transit to your sign until mid October. This was a great time to work on projects that required strenuous activity, but let’s not over do. Cancerians will enjoy meeting lots of new friends through social groups. You may get a new computer, and seek romance for those single if born 7/13 – 7/19 with Uranus trine your Sun. You are bubbling with positive change and Metaphysical subjects are at your fingertips. Career is on the rise early fall. Those born 6/21 –6/23 may be at a loss for a job or need to regenerate and take some time off as Saturn and Pluto form a T square to your Sun from 10/30 – 12/15. Let go of what you don’t need, including that toxic job or partnership. Slow down to find a quiet space and meditate. In order for new growth to take place, some branches always need clipping.

Spring '09

Are chimes of freedom flashing? Could very well be the season you manage to break free as a much more liberating and exciting cycle emerges for you! Even in this economy new jobs arise, and new romance. This holds especially true for Cancers born between the 14th and 20th of July as Uranus trines favorably on your sign throughout the year. Mars also joins in and gives all Cancers the boost of energy they need to start their gardens, redecorate homes or join a spa. Want to study metaphysical subjects? Now is the time. For Cancers born June 21st - 26th major transformations are in store and you may need to cut your losses. Of course there is a light waiting for you at the other end of the tunnel. Set your emotions free. Find a quiet place in the forest and hug a tree. Listen to a gentle flowing stream and record harmonious bird songs when you feel out of balance. Let nature cure as spring awakens.

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