Quarterly Forecast Aries

March 21 - April 19
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Summer fades and light begins to wane, but the fiery spirit of Aries continues to enjoy beauty all around. Get your hair styled and some bright new fall fashion but avoid conflicts while your planetary ruler Mars squares your sign through October 16. Bite your tongue and listen for a change! Are you looking for a way out of those same mundane activities? Pursue your need for adventure and follow the road less traveled as opportunity awaits, especially those born April 6th – 9th, while Jupiter sextiles your Sun. For those born between the 21st and 23rd of March, Pluto creates major transformations in your life. Parents, partners and children alike need your undivided attention. Your own ego now is going through it’s own power struggle. It is an arduous hike to the top of the mountain, and some things must be left behind…and well worth letting go of.

Spring '09

It’s time to transform your look. Not a read head yet? Go for it. Men can be daring and creative. Grow your hair or even a mustache. Art, beauty, love and romance are in the air with Venus in Aries through most of spring. For those born between the 20t - 25th of March, Pluto squares now, and this can mean any number of major changes in your life, from job to children growing up and leaving home. Let go of any desires to control where there’s resistance and get away from any situations you feel are not right for your personal growth. As barren winter fades flowers will emerge, such is the way of picking up the pieces you left behind for a fresh new start.

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