Quarterly Forecast Aquarius

January 21 - February 19
by Marian Tortorella

Fall / Winter Forecast '09

Social life and love were as colorful as the fall foliage with Venus entering Libra on 10/15th - 11/8th. That combined with Jupiter still in your sign, through the winter, nothing will keep you from your goal. You may have gone for that travel abroad youíve always dreamed about from 9/20th Ė11/8th, especially those born between 2/5th and 2/8th. Try yoga, meditation, and spiritual studies with Mars opposite, to avoid stress or minor conflicts and stay positive. Career opportunities present themselves for Aquarians born 1/20th Ė 1/24th after Saturn enters Libra on 10/29th. Get dressed more conservatively than usual and go on that new job interview. You canít lose! With Neptune still moving slowly through Aquarius those born 2/11th Ė2/14th spend lots of time with their head in the clouds. Come back to earth and try your hand at music and art. Let the imagination create your rainbow image of a dream come true.

Spring '09

Woke up from a beautiful dream today you can describe to a T, but you canít remember what day or time it is? You are not alone. With Neptune conjunct your Sun itís normal for you to have your head in the clouds. Take advantage of this time to follow your bliss. This means play music, write poetry, do yoga, meditate, or get a new camera to capture the poetic moments you and your partner shared while hiking through a pristine forest. Water will fascinate you so make sure you get some time to reflect on those tiny sparkles that ripple along the Hudson if you have a boat. Those most influenced by Neptune now are Aquarians born Feb. 12th-16th. You can count on your lucky stars with Jupiter transiting your sign. You can also count on adding pounds if you donít watch those calories during the merry month of May. Aquarians will benefit greatly by joining a spa. Enjoy sports activities, and foreign travel as they are all in line for you now. Live joyfully and laugh plentiful.

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